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Alabama VA Home Loan

Today, getting a VA loan to be able to buy a new house in Alabama is more convenient than ever with the expert assistance of the Alabama VA Loan Specialists. Imagine, you can prequalify for a no money down payment of a VA loan amounting up to $729,000 in Alabama at the comfort of your own home by simply logging online. To make things even easier and hassle-free for you, it is a sensible idea to verify and initially confirm the exact amount you may be qualified for.

To get the help of an Alabama VA Loan Specialist, you just need to fill out a simple form provided by the VA Loan Network. That’s it! Immediately, you will be able to talk with a qualified professional that will get in touch with you to discuss your choices. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to making your purchase and acquiring your dream home in Alabama!

How to qualify for a VA Home Loan in Alabama

To qualify for an Alabama VA home loan, there are a just a couple of requirements, although they go beyond  service in the military, typically VA mortgages are easier to qualify for. First of all, service members who are retired must have been discharged honorably to be able to qualify. Secondly, Alabama veterans who are initially qualified must have been on active service at least 90 days during wartime, or 181 days on active duty if it was during peacetime.

For a loan applicant who is in the National Guard and Military Reserves, he or she must have a service time of at least six years to be able to qualify for the VA financing program.

Getting Started on your Alabama VA Home Loan

You should take into consideration that there are still many other factors that determine if one is qualified for a VA home loan. The best thing to do would be to fill out the 1-minute quote formand ask the advice of an Alabama VA Loan Specialist regarding your application.  There is no cost to do this, and you can find out the details within just minutes.

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